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White Water Kayak Leader Assessment



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What our clients say...

"It was a purposeful but fairly relaxed approach to assessment which was made as clear and as unproblematic as possible. I felt supported and received good advice and guidance."

"Paddled some great rivers to advance my leading and to consolidate my personal paddling. Was given adequate opportunity to show how well I could lead and paddle."

"Well organised and thought out. Experience of running course was clear.Good atmosphere, clear delivery. Not too much pressure"

"The use of two examiners allowed for a varied approach, a range of feedback was offered. The initial response and accommodating my financial situation was a great help. The documents to follow were great and the final phone call was a nice touch. I learnt lots, the small ‘top tips’ helped me no end and I feel although I have passed I have lots to go away and play with. Thanks for an informative course. I look forward to attending more Wild River course in the future."

"Professional, well organised and clear objectives. Good pre-course info. Plenty of opportunity to perform. Thanks."

"Sean and Ian did a great job of trying to make us feel at ease. Given lots of opportunity to demonstrate my skills."

"Genuinely feel a more confident leader, which even if I'd failed would have been a positive outcome. Tasks set were clear as to where they fit in the 4 Star syllabus."


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British Canoeing

White Water Kayak Leader Assessment

British Canoeing Moderate Water Leadership Awards were formerly known as 4 Star Leader Awards.

We all know that assessments can be stressful. At Wild River we work very hard to make them as straightforward as possible. We pride ourselves on the ability to create a relaxed atmosphere on an assessment course.

On our leader assessment we will create opportunities for you to display your personal skill and leadership abilities in an open and fair way. We want to see the best you can do and will work hard to allow you to do just that.

Whenever appropriate we organise real students for you to lead on the river. This takes the pretence out of the assessment. There are no strange scenarios or set up situations. On a white water kayak leader assessment we ask you to lead a real group of paddlers that are appropriate for that environment.  This gives you perfect opportunity to demonstrate your leadership abilities in a natural way. We know that this leads to a much more relaxed atmosphere and a much higher success rate.

Over the two days you will lead a couple of groups on two different rivers. We guarantee that you will learn along the way and enjoy paddling some of the best moderate water in the country.

We often run white water kayak leader training courses prior to the assessments. You are very welcome to attend all or some of the training course as a refresher in preparation for the assessment. Please contact us to discuss this so we can tailor it to your needs.

We promise that...

  • We will be supportive and do our best to make sure you are as relaxed as possible.
  • We will assess you at the correct standard as stated in the syllabus.
  • We will make sure you fully understand what you need to do.
  • We will make sure that the assessment environment is at the right standard, eg a grade 2 river for 4 star canoe assessments.
  • We will give you as much time as possible to show what you can do.
  • We will take you through the assessment process in short steps that are clear and simple.
  • If the assessment involves leadership or coaching of others we will do our best to bring real students for you to coach or lead.
  • Our decisions will be made based solely on performance and not with any bias of any sort.
  • We will give you a clear action plan for development at the end of the assessment.
  • All our assessment team are encouraged to smile and give you a hug when you need it.


Possible venues include the rivers Leven, Lune, Eden, Nith.

4 Star kayak Leader Assessment

Course Dates

10 January 2021
14 January 2021

Course fee: £200


All candidates must register with British Canoeing. This can be accessed via your British Canoeing membership portal.

  • Full National Association Membership

  • Valid (within 3 years) British Canoeing recognised 2 day First Aid Award

  • Valid (within 3 years) Safeguarding Training recognised by British Canoeing

  • White Water Safety and Rescue Training


British Canoeing Registration White Water Leader Syllabus White Water Kayak Leader Syllabus

Leader Registration Form

How to Register Video

British Canoeing Registration White Water Leader Assessment Notes White Water Kayak Leader Assessment Notes

BCU 4 Star White Water Assessment
BCU 4 Star White Water Assessment

BCU 4 Star White Water Assessment
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